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Feels Good To Me (Digital Download)

Album Details

- Style: Rock and Blues

- 5 tracks in English + 1 in Spanish

- Release date: December 21st, 2020

- Produced by Laurie Meier and Charly Lopez

- Feat: Marc Lebel, Isabel Lamarche, Joe Hrbek, Mike 

  Shannon, Pitilo and Warren Alani, Allen Merrill.

The catalyst for this new work was the recording of a song Charly wrote in 2005 called "Esta Noche". That song went very well over the years in live performances, but he never recorded it. Until music producer Allen Merrill from New York opened a recording studio in Costa Rica and invited Charly to test it with some recordings. Three of the 6 songs in this album were recorded, mixed by Allen Merrill at Papagayo Music Studio in Costa Rica and mastered at The SoundLAB in Long Island, NY. The remaining 3 songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by Charly in his home studio in Costa Rica.

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 ©2020 Charly Lopez Music


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